Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2500 words

Feeling pretty good because I’ve managed to write 2500 words today! This is how I did it:

1. By breaking my goal into manageable steps
I decided to write 500 words first. That done, I decided to push for another 500 words and then take a short break. Got stuck in half an hour later and before I knew it my next word count had reached 2100, so I only had to write another 400 to achieve a nice round number.

2. By trusting my rewriting ability
My writing was messy at times and far from perfect, but I reminded myself that it was a first draft and I’d do a good job knocking it into shape later. I also told myself that it was more important to get raw material developing on paper than to stop to polish it and risk getting stuck.

3. By avoiding any distractions
When I got up this morning I spent an hour checking the news online and reading my emails. Then I closed down all applications and didn't reopen them until I was finished. I do need music playing in the background though, otherwise I get bored.

4. By announcing that you’re going to write 2000 words a day on your blog
Speaks for itself really.