Saturday, March 10, 2007

A dying breed

The Royal Oak pub must be a tough place to say goodbye to people you're leaving behind, as it's the last of a dying breed. The place hasn't seen a painter's brush or a developer's glad eye since it opened. The landlord was attentive, game for a laugh and served us a sly round. In Kilmainham but felt like the back of beyond. Nice choice Pixie. Fair play for not taking the easy way out and choosing a perfectly forgettable wine bar instead.

Next week when you're on the beach sipping your mojitos, you'll have long forgotten the smell of drains from the toilets across. But the attentive barman and the craic will stay. Some things never leave you even in good weather and amongst fine men in Speedos.

You'll have a ball! Say hi to the Doctor for me.