Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Carnival of cities

One of my posts has been featured on the latest edition of Carnival of Cities. Apparently I sound/write like a man, which is cool because I always wanted to be androgynous. (My child-bearing hips and high-pitched voice always gives me away in the real world, damnit) Thanks Sheila for the great intro!

If you have a post that highlights an aspect of a city you can submit it here for the next edition.


Ariel said...

Well done you! Hope the writing is going well - have you got a publication date yet?

hellojed said...

Hi Ariel, well done winning Post of the Week. I don't have a publisher so there's no date...yet! I thought I'd get the manuscript into good shape first - should take another 3-4 months but I'm just guessing.

Macoosh said...

well, Mr. hellojed, good job. and, nice penis. ;)