Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday night tv

Stayed in last night, first Friday in a while. I noticed that the tv schedules have improved - for a while Friday nights on the box meant slim pickings.

There's a new series of QI, a comedy quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry. If you're not familiar with the programme, points tend to be awarded for the most interesting answer rather than the correct one, while points are deduced if a panelist offers an answer which is widely accepted as true, but is in fact false. Should I be worried that the only question I got right was about pornography? (A: Why are fluffers no longer used in porn films? Q: Viagra)

I also caught Ruddy Hell! It's Harry and Paul, a new sketch show from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. I love the latter but the former hasn't really produced anything good in a while, and the Fast Show is a tough act to follow, but I really enjoyed it. Worth a try I reckon.


Ariel said...

Blimey! I had no idea the little blue pill had caused the demise of an entire sector of the porn industry, however I watched a very late docu on More 4 about men with extra large appendages and how they impact on their daily life. Ho hum.

hellojed said...

Ariel, sounds like a very interesting documentary! ;) There's just so much filth on tv these days. Humph.

Beccy said...

I love QI, I always end up think the obvious!