Monday, April 09, 2007

It could be the codeine

In between episodes of Lovejoy I’ve felt inspired to compose this poem. Please excuse its powerful symbolism but I cannot bring myself to edit the contents of my heart.

Ode to Lovejoy

Dealer of antiquities
Seducer of countless women
Detector of antique crime
Breaker of fourth wall
Wearer of mullet
Sporter of permatan
Displayer of chest hair
Carrier of large purplish under eye bags
Would you appraise my Gainsborough?

[The End]


Beccy said...

'Wearer of mullet', love it.

Were you watching this recently then?

hellojed said...

I'm embarrased to admit that I'm watching quite a few episodes from my sick bed!

JC Skinner said...

I like your ode! Also, at least it's yours. I nicked that pic!
How's the novel going? (The second most evil question ever, after How's the doctoral thesis coming along?)

hellojed said...

Hi JC, thanks! The novel has stalled at the moment but I'm planning on attacking it again tomorrow.

JC Skinner said...

Graham Greene wrote 300 words a day, no more and no less, every day. He still banged out dozens of novels.
Anthony Burgess wrote 1000 words a day and published up to 4 books some years.
He reckoned if you could do 1000 words a day, starting Jan 1st, you'd have War and Peace done by August or The Bible completed before Christmas.
Moral of the story is, do a little every day if you can.
(Runs off to take own advice.)

hellojed said...

Thanks for the advice. I usually write 2000 words a day but I do take weekends off (and bank holidays) to relax and spend time with my bf. I could always do more I suppose.