Sunday, May 06, 2007

Miss D

On one of our walks yesterday we came across a pro-choice demonstration by the Socialist Workers Party. The Health Service Executive here in Ireland, a government agency, is preventing a 'Miss D' in their care from travelling abroad have an abortion. Miss D recently discovered that the foetus has anencephaly, meaning that part of the brain, scalp and skull is missing. She would either give birth to a stillborn child or a newborn that would live three days at most.

Miss D, who is a minor, is asking a judge to grant her permission to abort her pregnancy in the UK. Find out more here.

Many people in Ireland are split on the subject of abortion, mainly because of the Catholic beliefs of the majority of the population. However, surely even the most religious person can see that there can be no winners here. Miss D wanted to carry her child to term until she discovered its severe deformity that would not see it live for longer than three days. The best she can hope for is a speedy decision on her case; but a decision in her favour will not bring her much joy I suspect.


Beccy said...

I find it horrific that Miss D has to go through this court case in the public eye when really she needs to be left alone to decide the fate of her baby with the support of her family. I hope the court case is over soon and she is left alone by the media to come to terms with her situation and that she is allowed to do what is best for her.

hellojed said...

Hi Beccy, I agree - it does sound like she's made the decision with the support of her family, as her boyfriend and mother both stand behind her decision to have an abortion. I'm sure she did not take this decision lightly.

Macoosh said...

agreed. I am pro-choice...i do believe there are circumstances where abortion is not just something you do because you weren't careful and got pregnant...where it just might be necessary...or more healthy emotionally and physically. I don't know if i could ever go through with an abortion myself because i want children so badly, but i want to know that it's my choice. i don't know why governments want so badly to control this very private thing; even though i do see what they're saying. I still believe there are always circumstances (Miss D is a perfect example) where it's not just because of a lack of responsibility that an abortion is sought, but for health.

i hope they allow her to do this in her own time and privately. i'm sure she's not happy with what's happened and just wants to heal. that's so sad.

alfaking said...

It's a very delicate issue worldwide.

What's frustrating is that a personal and private matter has to be decided by society and social institutions. The strictness of religious beliefs make matters more complicated. There's no compromise. in Ireland, in UK, in USA or anywhere, even here where I am it's the same sound of the bell.

I only hope Miss D finds a quick settlement of her dilemna.

Anna said...

My goodness. What a shame. The poor woman - may the government find in her favor and allow her to begin to heal from this painful experience as soon as possible.