Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another quote

I came across a quote by Lance Armstrong today that sums up why I'm writing this novel:

To try and fail is temporary, but to not try at all lasts for ever.

Heading to Meath in a bit to stay overnight, it's my aunt's memorial mass on Sunday. Hope you are having a great weekend.


Holler said...

Hope the memorial mass goes well and you are not too sad!
I am feeling as you do about a course I am doing. That quote somes up how I fell exactly!
Hope you can have a good weekend!

laurie said...

i'm sorry about your aunt.

Helen said...

rcfpnrAn excellent quote. I have a job interview this week and I'm scared stiff about returning to work. I have half thought about ringing up with an excuse not to attend. I won't now that I've read Lance's quote. Thanks!

Helen said...

P.S The gibberish at the beginning of my last comment was the word verification. You can tell it's late and I'm not concentrating!

Angie said...

Loverly quote...exactly how I feel about writing too, even when it's scary.
Hope the mass went well.