Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm back, baby

Have managed 1200 words so far today - I've found it very encouraging, and am feeling much better about my writing. I decided to drop my minimum daily word count to 500 for a few days to boost my confidence and take the pressure off. It seems to have worked, as I'm no longer avoiding my laptop. I don't think I'll ever enjoy writing all the time - I think it's good to feel apprehensive about the day ahead, to never take it for granted and to push myself to produce the best work that I can - but at least the FEAR isn't paralysing me anymore. The relief feels sooo good.

On a completely different subject, I booked two tickets to see Die Hard 4.0 when it comes out on Wednesday, I'm an unashamed fan of action flicks and Bruce Wills shares his action hero crown with Harrison Ford in my humble opinion. Can't wait until the next Indiana Jones comes out! *high-pitch giggle*


Angie said...

Good job on all those words!
My husband has converted me to a Die Hard fan *cough cough, don't tell* so I'm sure we'll be seeing that soon. Along with the Simpsons movie, another fave of his. :)

hellojed said...

Ah, you've got to love Die Hard. Can't wait to see the Simpson's movie either.

Beccy said...

I can't wait for Shrek the Third!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear hellojed. I guess that's a good way to think about writing - I mean, even if you have a dream job, you're never 100 per cent excited about going into the office, are you?

hellojed said...

Beccy I'd love to see Shrek the Third, but I haven't seen the second one so I have to see that first!

Little miss moi, I reckon you are absolutely right. And if I enjoyed writing everyday I probably wasn't challenging myself.

kinkminos said...

Are you able to write every day? How do you motivate yourself on days when you just want to drive a rather large axe through the screen?

(Then again, perhaps everybody is not as (mentally) lazy as I am)