Monday, June 25, 2007


Not sure why but I'm still feeling very run down and tired, even though I had an easy time of it this weekend. Am also not happy with the remaining three story plots - I will crack on by tomorrow with or without a breakthrough, as I don't want to encourage writer's block.

I'll probably have to spend today giving myself a good talking to though.


Shiekhspear said...

hi there
read your block and was inspired to write to you as I am a writer too. I am from India, Bombay. The writers block or I call it the "grey cell laze" is something that we all experience some time or the other.
wish you all the best with cracking the stories you are writing. You can visit my site: or my blog
do stay in touch its good to talk to writers and feel the space we all share.

hellojed said...

Hi Shiekhspear, thanks for dropping by and for your best wishes. I'm determined to crack this, but at the moment I'm just exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on the horse!

Julia Buckley said...

I'm the same. Maybe it's the weather. Hope you get your vim back soon!

Angie said...

Give yourself space to rest more if you need it. I'm always inspired by the writing pace you keep...mine is a much slower waddle. ;)