Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boozy weekends ahead

Managed 1700 words today - not bad.

A good friend and ex-flatmate is visiting from London this weekend, so I sent out a few emails to the usual suspects to ask if they were about. Brisbane's answer to Nigella Lawson responded by wondering how my healthy eating plans would fit into my no doubt boozy weekend ahead?

An excellent question! The weekend ahead will definitely be a calorific one. If that wasn't button-poppingly bad enough, the weekend after that involves a trip to Luxembourg, where we take pride in guzzling and scoffing the best beer, wine and food that we can get our grubby little mitts on. I was thinking about putting off my healthy plan until after Luxembourg, but I reckon I should at least try to limit some of the damage.

I refuse to become a stick-in-the-mud though - I'm still going to eat, drink and be merry with my friends and family, but I'll be on the look out for less fattening options when available. It's all about moderation y'all! (or so I keep telling myself)


Holler said...

Have fun and don't care one little bit about those calories! Life is for living!

Have a good time!

Beccy said...

I agree, life is for the living, enjoy your boozy weekends, they sound like fun.

laurie said...

your weekends sound fun. i had a friend who lost 30 pounds by dieting strictly during the week and then having whatever she wanted during the weekends. not sure that would work for me, but you could give it a try.

have fun!

hellojed said...

Holler and Beccy: You're absolutely right of course, but I've just been living it up a little too much lately. When I was this weight four years ago my doctor asked me to lose a few cos it was affecting my health. So I'm just trying to balance both...

Laurie, that's exactly what I'm trying to do now, we'll see if it works!