Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sprinting versus long distance

As I knew I was very busy today with different bits and pieces - we're going to Birmingham to visit the Ours' parents this weekend - I got up earlier than usual and made a beeline to the laptop.

So far I've reached 1600 words. It's only taken me five months to realise that when I start before 9:30 I'll get a lot done that day. In fact I'll usually be finished before lunchtime which frees me up for research or various chores in the afternoon.

I can imagine that some of you are surprised that I don't write all day, nine to five. Sometimes I am still wrestling with the novel at four o'clock in the afternoon, but this is rare. I work in bursts; I'll usually write for three or four hours straight without a break (I get up to stretch my legs periodically though, to keep the DVT at bay!) and then have my lunch or go out for a walk.

I've always worked like this, even when I had a nine to five job - several hours of intense activity, followed by several hours of intense slacking off. It works well for me. Personally there's nothing worse than going back to a scene after I've had a long break, as it's really difficult to pick up the thread and keep the momentum going. I suppose I'm a sprinter rather than a long distance runner. (In writing of course, in real life I'm a dawdler)


Beccy said...

Sounds like you've found what works for you...enjoy Birmingham.

Angie said...

The key to this writing lark is finding what works for you. You're lucky to have found it (I'm still searching). Congrats on the spurt of writing and have a fun trip!

hellojed said...

Thanks Beccy!

Angie I really have to keep at this - fingers crossed I'll get it done and dusted soon.