Thursday, July 26, 2007

Writer girl

Unfortunately I've been trying to write for two hours now, but I keep deleting what I've written. I just don't know how to finish this story! Time is running out so either I'm going to have an epiphany by tomorrow or I'm moving onto my last story next week.

My friends are heading back to London on Monday and then we're heading to Lux on Thursday, so I only have three days next week to write the last chapter. Obviously I have superpowers. Writer Girl! Drives her enemies to insanity with her crippling insecurities. "I'm never going to be published. Creativity can be such a prison, you know? God it's useless, I might as well give up right now..." Chances are I'll still be finishing the first draft when I start my course. Oh well, I'll be juggling full time work with writing soon enough so it's a good opportunity to get some practice in early!

Went to see The Simpsons Movie last night, it was hilarious. I stopped watching The Simpsons a few years ago because I overdosed on the same 30 episodes that are repeated ad nauseam. But the film is such a return to form. Like the best Simpsons episodes, the film manages to be both funny and touching. I was actually a bit teary at the end (Jaysus pull yourself together woman) which is amazing for a cartoon I think. But it's so much more than that of course.


laurie said...

rewriting's the best part, in my opinion. you'll have a happy (but busy) autumn!

Jen said...

I'm best friends with the delete button too today... sometimes it just doesn't flow, does it?

Good luck!

Angie said...

Hope the writing picks up, but you've been keeping a breakneck pace, so don't get yourself too down. I wish I had half your speed! :)
Glad to hear the Simpsons movie was good. I can't wait to see it.

Beccy said...

Sounds like The Simpsons was a welcome break, hope the writing comes back to you soon.