Thursday, August 02, 2007

(Another) land ahoy

The bank holiday is nearly upon us here in the Emerald Isle (I'll have my passport taken away for calling it that) and I'm very excited indeed. Why? Because I have another truly unhealthy weekend in Luxembourg ahead. We're staying with the Filmmaker tonight and the next, then moving to my parents' place until Monday.

I was hoping to get started on my story today but I woke to realise I had a million things to do before we depart, which is a pain but typical of me to leave everything until the last minute.

But while I'm rushing around like a blue-arsed fly, loudly muttering to myself, I'll still have a huge smile on my face - because in a matter of hours I'll be having a great time. Yep, poor me.

Have a great one.


Angie said...

Hope your holiday is fabulous! (and now you can use that Luxembourgish, eh?) :)

Beccy said...

Lucky you, another break!!! (Not that I can talk)

laurie said...

life is for the living! enjoy!

Anna said...

Have a great time!

alfaking said...

Busy as usual! Get organised and enjoy.