Thursday, August 16, 2007


Another day off today, as I didn't know what time the new sofa would be delivered. It arrived an hour ago, but the delivery men couldn't fit it through the front door of our apartment. Apparently our front door is really narrow, which I never noticed before, but quite common in apartment builds. Thank you kind builders! For a while it looked like I would have to take the door of the hinges, which I really didn't want to do for obvious reasons. (Being 5 foot nothing and as weak as a kitten was two of them)

But after fifteen minutes of pushing, shoving, dismantling and cursing it was in - and it is a lovely piece of furniture. It's a dark brown leather sofa bed, with a big thick mattress and extremely comfy padding. But more importantly, unlike the old sofa, I can actually lie down on it without having to curl my legs to fit. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was worth the fourteen week wait.

Wrote 1770 words today - very close to the end now...


Beccy said...

Sofa sounds really comfy, you need a good sofa to snuggle up on!

Angie said...

It's always exciting to get lovely new furniture - glad it fit in the end.
And woo hoo on the 1770 words! I'm trying to take a page from your book, metaphorically speaking. :)

Holler said...

All's well that end's well!
You should curl up with a book and a glass of wine, in my opinion!

hellojed said...

Beccy, it's soo comfy.

Angie, I guess the word count is speeding up because I can see the end of the tunnel...and cos I can't wait to finish the bloody thing!

Holler, I lazed around for the rest of the day, it was heaven.