Monday, September 24, 2007


Today the trainer came straight up to me and demanded to know if I was still infectious. I assured him that I was fine. "Are you sure?" he barked. "Because none of the staff have had chicken pox before. If they got it we'd have to close down the training centre." I repeated that I was no longer infectious and got down to work.

I've done all I can, I thought. I called them as soon as I became ill and told them to tell the students and trainers that they may have been exposed to the disease. And none of them have it, so it's ok.

But when I came home I looked it up on Google and realised that the incubation period is 14-21 days. So they might already have chicken pox but don't know it yet.

Now I feel really guilty and don't want to go back to the training centre.


Angie said...

Sounds like that trainer was a bit surly! But it's not your fault either way, you did the best you could by alerting them. There isn't much you can do if you're infectious and don't know it. Glad you're feeling better, and I hope your return to the center isn't too scary!

JJ said...

You're absolutely right it's a nightmare. But you couldn't have done any more. You're not psychic and nor are you in control of when you become infectious. There's a good reason why parents of small children hold 'chicken pox parties.' We all need to get it out of the way as kids, and if those adults haven't had it, it's hardly your fault.

Julia Buckley said...

How did all those people manage to avoid having chicken pox as kids? Mind you, if they're all as rude as he sounds maybe it should be obvious!

hellojed said...

Angie, he was quite surly, I guess he was just thinking about his wallet...

JJ, you're absolutely right that it isn't my fault and I had my head held high when I came back today! Thank you.

Julia, welcome back! I have no idea how everyone avoided getting chicken pox, I think he's full of it.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad at all, just concentrate on getting back to 100% and getting out of that centre!