Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend marker

Holler's right - I have a cold rather than hayfever. I had a really good night's sleep though so maybe I just need some rest.

But I'm happy that it's Friday and I have the day off! I hope you are all enjoying the day, or at least watching the clock until you can break out and start your weekend routine.

There's something I like to do to mark the weekend: socialising with the Ours or with friends, either in the pub or at a restaurant. It makes the weekend special.

How about you? What makes your weekend feel different to your weekdays? (Apart from not working of course!)


Poetbloggs said...

Clock is being watched and the world won't know what hits it... come 4 O'Clock anyway.

Beccy said...

I love weekends and having all my family around...of course a good night out makes for a great weekend!

laurie said...

well, the not working part is pretty key.

being outside is what does it for me: long walks, sitting on the porch, harvesting tomatoes... i love being out of doors.

hellojed said...

Ah poetbloggs most days I'm clock watching too...

Beccy weekends with loved ones can't be beaten. Good luck with your tournament!

Laurie, your life sounds so idylic and so unlike mine...Dublin is not an outdoor kind of place, we've had an awful summer. Hence all the pub-going.

laurie said...

true, but i do love dublin. i'd trade you a week here and there! our parks and woods for your pubs and 1916 revolution tours!