Sunday, October 07, 2007


The Playboy of the Western World was excellent last night. Both Roddy Doyle and Bisi Adigun have brought the play that was written more than 100 years ago up to date; the west of Ireland is now west Dublin and the central character is from Nigeria. It hasn't lost the spirit and message of the original however. The performances are excellent, I laughed and laughed but still didn't miss the central point the play makes. In fact, its theme couldn't be more relevant today. Go and see it!

On a completely different point entirely, I'm a guest judge on Post of the Week; here is the shortlist.


Beccy said...

Sounds really good I love that play when I was at uni.

laurie said...

that sounds quite interesting. is the abbey still just off grafton street? aren't they planning on moving it some time soon?

hellojed said...

Beccy, I loved it at uni too.

Laurie, the Abbey is off O'Connell Street, perhaps you mean the Gaity? I haven't heard of it being moved but that doesn't mean it isn't happening...let me know if you have any info about it!

Jen said...

There is some chat about moving the Abbey - but I don't think anything has been decided yet. I read something, somewhere recently and now I can't remember! If I find the info, I'll let you know.

On a more positive note, the play sounds good.

hellojed said...

Jen, raging that they are thinking of moving the Abbey, it's only ten minutes walk from my place!