Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Doctor: It sounds like you have a chest infection. But good news - I don't think it's a complication of the chicken pox.

Me: Phew. *Wipes imaginary sweat from brow*

Doctor: I'll write you a prescription for antibiotics.

Me: Cheers. Uhn...do you know when I can go back to college?

Doctor: *Scribbling* It won't clear up until the weekend I'm afraid.

Me: Damnit! Am so bored of being at home all the time.

Doctor: Right. I'd better add 'crappy DVDs' to your prescription then.


laurie said...

i like that doctor's attitude!

get better!

Beccy said...

That throat infection is certainly doing the rounds, enjoy the rest and crappy dvds!

Macoosh said...

brilliant!!! if i were still in dublin, i'd ask for his # so i could have him as a doctor. love when they have a sense of humor. :)

hellojed said...

Laurie, he really cheered me up!

Beccy, it sure is. Hope you are doing better.

Macoosh, not only does he have a sense of humour but the medical centre is opened until 8 o'clock on weekdays - and at weekends. It's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Who knew GPs were so funny in this city?!

Flirty Something said...

funny doc, don't suppose he was cute and single too?

hellojed said...

Beth, absolutely. Have had a few who were seriously boring.

Flirty, he wasn't gorgeous but he did have something about him, don't know if he was married though!

tallulahbloom said...

Oh God they really should do that, crappy DVD's and trashy mags -That'll sort you out!

Jen said...

Rebound infections are horrible things. Just when you think it's safe. Urgh. Get better soon. (And HMV have a big dvd sale on at the mo'... - worth sending the other half along for medically-prescribed supplies?)

hellojed said...

Tallulahbloom, it should be taught in medical school!

Jen, the HMV sale sounds good, might send him down there!