Friday, October 12, 2007


The interview went very well. The recruitment agent had told me that I'd have trouble getting a temporary legal secretary position because I had no previous experience, but that the odd job came up where they were less fussy about that sort of thing. As soon as that happened I'd have my foot in the door. In the meantime, she said, I could always work as a PA or a general secretary. Then she shipped me off to do some typing tests.

Twenty minutes later I had a job! She'd got a call from a legal company in the city centre who didn't seem that bothered about experience, and she talked me up a storm. It's only for two weeks initially but it could be longer.

I start on I'm going to enjoy my last weekend as an unemployed waster as much as I can!


Alix said...

well done on the job! Enjoy your last weekend of freedom - I must say I am enjoying being an unemployed waster way too much, hopefully that employment visa won't come through too soon!

Beccy said...

Well done on getting a job so quickly.

Enjoy your last weekend of freedom.

hellojed said...

Alix, thanks and I hope you enjoy your life-saving shopping today! ;)

Beccy, cheers, I've got loads planned.

Jen said...

That's fantastic news - congrats and good luck with the new company. Make the most of that last weekend!

Hullaballoo said...

hi hellojed

Sorry it has been so long since I have commented, my life is a bit chaotic at the moment.

Congratulations! I am considering doing a part time admin job to subsidise my paltry therapist wage lol.

I will be thinking of you on Monday.


Beth said...

Have a great time this weekend, and good luck on Monday!!

Jen said...

Fantastico! Sending a pile of positive vibes for you tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you X

Angie said...

Great news! I hope your first day went well.