Thursday, January 10, 2008


I walked to work and back - didn't drown! Result!

My mood has suddenly improved, and so has my outlook for the next few months.

Now I reckon that the rewrite will go well.

When I think back to what I've written, character dialogue suddenly spools into my head, light but massy, witty but profound. (Or maybe you've just stopped taking your medication? Shut up it's ART!) Needless to say I immediately get all excited about the whole shebang.

I just got everything out in the first draft, I think. This time I'll have a chance to add colour and texture to the stories, deepen the character's personalities, research my themes a little more.

Then again I often get ideas for posts when I'm out and about, and each word jumps into place without effort or fuss. Congratulating myself I head home, only sit in front of my computer and hear the voice in my head say: "Duuuuhhhhhh..."

We shall see. But I'm glad that the cloud over my head has shrunk slightly.


Alix said...

Glad your cloud is smaller hope it keeps shrinking.

JJ said...

That's fab news. Well done.

Beccy said...

It's great to see you more positive.

SpiralSkies said...

Yay. Long may it continue.


Yvonne said...

Alix, it had better!

JJ, thanks!

Beccy, it had to be done. I was even annoying myself. ;)

Spiralskies, I second that.

Debi said...

Your description of the process of refining the first draft is spot on.

Hope it continues to excite and delight!

Angie said...

Hope the cheery mood continues!
I know exactly what you mean about those 'duh' moments when you sit down to write out all the brilliant thoughts you had while walking (showering, anything away from a pen or computer!) and they've completely escaped. That made me laugh. :)