Friday, January 18, 2008


After reading JJ's blog I had to take the typing test:

66 words

Touch Typing

Heading to London later, will be back on Sunday. Have a great weekend!


Alix said...

Very doubtful as I type with 2 fingers!
Have a great weekend in London

JJ said...

He he he. It's so compulsive, eh?
Have a lovely weekend.

Beccy said...

Before I reveal my score I would like to say that I have never been taught to type properly and use the two finger system as mentioned by Alix.

Have a brilliant weekend Yvonne.

(30 words per minute)

laurie said...

i made it to 104. but it's hard to type nonsense, just random words.

i can type a lot faster when what i type makes sense.

i tested at 140 once.


jen said...

I managed just about managed 56 words a minute at full tilt... Have a great weekend in London.

jen said...

And, clearly, the effort of typing 56 words a minute took away my ability to form sentences afterwards...

Flirty Something said...

rubbish i'm 47 !