Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thanks to your recommendations yesterday I now have a decent shopping list for my local book shop Chapters. The sprawling second floor is stocked with second hand books so I'll try there first.

I started reading my first draft early this morning, and apart from being interrupted by the tv delivery company and the postman I've ploughed through three stories. I'd love to say that it is easier than I expected.

The first story was an eye opener. The margin notes include "SHOW don't tell!!!" on every page, liberally peppered with "What were you f***ing thinking?", "Dialogue! Dialogue!", "YUK!!!" and "Where the hell did this come from?"

Luckily the second story needed less work as the dialogue actually sounded like different people were speaking and the descriptions actually worked in parts. But it's still mainly rubble though.

The third story faired better under my red pen and I relaxed a little. But I had to fight against skipping. Not the best sign if you can't wait to finish one of your own stories!

I've ran the heavy lidded melancholy, tight fisted frustration and weary acceptance gauntlet several times and it's only one o'clock. And now my lunch in a local bistro, the escape I've been focusing on all morning, has been cancelled.

I know I'm winging and whining while I should really be looking on the bright side at the moment, and hopefully I will be soon. But feeling let down and disappointed by your work must happen to every writer and I don't want to pull any punches. No use in people just seeing the good side of writing all the time don't you think? But more importantly I just need to MOAN. A LOT. *Sigh*

At least we have a new big screen tv.

P.S. I'm letting things get to me a lot more than usual because I'm still knackered after being very sick last week. I'm going to have a bath and hopefully a sleep afterwards. Fingers crossed that I will feel better!


Alix said...

Well you can see the parts that aren't right that is good news! Don't be too hard on yourself nothing is perfect on the first go and don't worry about whinging here the creative process is very interesting to read about, the good and the bad bits.

Yvonne said...

Alix, thanks for your comment it's made me feel much better. I'm not sure why I need everything to be perfect first go because it's not realistic! But I'm sure when I get into it properly I will settle into it.

Angie said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Editing can be painful and sometimes a good whinge is all that will make you feel better, but keep your spirits up and watch for those gems that you are really proud of writing, then cling to them!