Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Muse

How's it hanging? Or floating? Or whatever you do where you are.'s been a tough few days I admit. Out of the blue, after months of no contact, I expect you to turn up and just do your thing. (In my defence I've been very busy - secretarial work just doesn't rock my creative boat) So I understand why you're withholding the stardust at the moment.

I'm trying my best to accommodate your needs. As an example, I'm trying to start work early in the morning as I know you're at your twinkliest then. But I didn't figure on being wide awake until four am last night, dozing until one in the afternoon and missing my first Scribblers Corner, thus putting off our quality time for another week.

And when I worry about how long this rewrite will take, whether the savings will stretch that far and the unrealistic timelines I've drawn up, I know it drives you to gorge on chocolate ice-cream while lying prostrate on your sofa rather than musing with me.

But let's put this behind us and make a deal. If I get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow (i.e. 9 am) and start writing straight away, will you pay me a visit? No pressure, just for a catch up. We don't even need to talk shop.

Hope to see you then.



HelenMH said...

I hope the muse makes it :)

Alix said...

hope you and the muse both make it for 9am!

Yvonne said...

Helen and Alix, I hope so too, otherwise I'll be a basketcase!

JJ said...

Fantastic - I loved this. It made me smile at the crack of dawn when I'm not reknowned to be acquainted with my sense of humour.

Hope it shows up.


Yvonne said...

Thanks JJ! Your comment made me feel great.