Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From Mum Who Is Up To Her Eyes At The Moment But Still Takes The Time To Remember

Hello Yvonne,

Hope you’re feeling happier today. Is this the day for your new writers group? Whether it’s today or tomorrow, I’m sure you’re stressed out about it, I know I would be. So I thought I’d give you some support, I know it’s easy for people to say don’t be nervous, but if you can remember that all your family & friends think you have something worthwhile & important to say as well as being talented-not just because we love you-but because we know you very well & respect & admire you. No matter what, you work through the doubts & the fears & that takes a lot of courage & determination. So keep your chin up & believe in yourself.

Lots of love,



Cal said...

Oh how lovely. What a great mum :o)

JJ said...

Oh all the very best of luck. Hope you enjoy it. (I was enormously touched on my son's first birthday when my Mum actually sent ME flowers. Not him; every one made a fuss of him, but my mum realised that I'd done something amazing a year ago too)

Aren't Mums lovely?


Yvonne said...

Hi Cal, she is great!

JJ, Mums are lovely and that was a sweet thing your mum did for you.

I'm not actually going along to the writer's group tonight because everyone has to read something out and my first story is still rubble - but I'm hoping to have a gleaming second draft ready by next time!

Alix said...

What a nice email. Mum's are great.

Yvonne said...

Alix, it was nice of her, and it cheered me up!

KAREN said...

What a lovely Mum! Sadly, mine wouldn't know what to do if faced with a computer, but she's very supportive all the same!

I must admit, I'd find reading my stories out loud very challenging. I go bright red at the thought :o)

Helen said...

Why don't you go anyway? You will gain a lot from listening to everyone else's stories. You won't be expected to have a polished story you know - and you might not even have to read yours out.

P.s Please don't think me bossy. It is just a suggestion based on my own experiences at a creative writing class. I was always glad I'd gone and read my story - even if (I thought) it was crap.

Yvonne said...

Karen, my mum's very good with computers, she was using them when they were still PCWs!

Helen, I don't think you're bossy and thanks for sharing your experience. When I spoke to the member of the writers group he said that everyone had to read something out - and I wouldn't like to go without having anything on me. I really hope that I'm feeling better about my writing and will be more prepared by the next meeting. Going will be a huge, huge step for me, I will be facing one of my greatest fears...and I know that I will eventually take the leap.

SpiralSkies said...

Reading out your work is torture at first. Your mum sounds fab, d'you think she'd like to adopt me?

HelenMH said...

What a lovely Mum. You are very lucky. I need adopting too :(

Anonymous said...

Ah, mammies are great! Hope you're feeling better.

Yvonne said...

Jen, I'm hoping that I build up enough confidence to do it very soon.

Helen, who knows she might be up for it!

Caroline, feeling much better thank you!