Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I got all riled up for my first Scribblers' Corner only to discover that it's now held on Mondays, not Wednesdays.

But I did finish rewriting my first story today - 1400 words/9087 words in total - and a neat stack of black and white pages is now sat on my desk. I'm going to read over my Sol Stein notes today and then I'll edit the hell out of it. (I'm giving myself a week.)

Thank you for your comments yesterday to my post on hours versus word count - it was good to hear your ways and means. I'm now aiming to do some work in the afternoon, whether it is writing or editing. Even if I just twiddle my thumbs for an a wise person once said, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I've also decided to work at the weekends too, even just for a few hours. We have another long weekend coming up and I can't spare any more time.

And if you're anything like me, try this: How To Stop Procrastinating. And if you succeed, treat yourself to this.


Alix said...

Well done on finishing! But what a shame about your scribblers corner I hate when that happens.

Debs said...

Well done, good for you.

I think I shall skip straight to the bath, sounds lovely.

Holler said...

Well I definitely like the treat at the end. I don't have many baths, showers are nice and quick. I do have a bath if I am achingly cold, but I get settled and find it hard to get out. Hey, I am a procrastinator after all!

Yvonne said...

Alix, thanks! It was a shame, next Monday is a bank holiday too so I'm not sure if it's on then either...

Debs, cheers, the bath does sound lovely doesn't it?

Holler, like you I don't take many baths but I crave them when I'm cold...and I can never get out of them either!

KAREN said...

Bloomin' Scribblers Corner :(

You've made me procrastinate, by linking to a site about how to stop procrastinating - that's not very helpful. Now I can't have a bath for another week.

Yvonne said...

Damnit I never thought of that Karen...I really hope you have a shower by the way.