Saturday, March 01, 2008

Writers Groups

I've taken a necessary step out of my comfort zone to start on my second draft. And as much as I love my hermit writer lifestyle, I think it is time for me to meet and work with other writers face to face. I've met some great writers online and I will always rely on them for help and inspiration, but I think a writers' group will add another prop to that support structure.

A few weeks ago Beth Morrissey told me about Women Writers in the New Ireland:

WWInI is a new initiative aimed at facilitating a dialogue between women writers in the New Ireland. The intention is to promote the creative work of women writers living in Ireland who are from migrant and new communities and to encourage contact between these writers and other women writers who were born in Ireland or who have lived here for a long time.

I'm attending my first meeting next Saturday at the Irish Writers Centre.

The Irish Writers Centre also runs Scribbers Corner, 1pm-2pm every week on Wednesdays, which sounds like an interesting way to get some creative juices flowing:

The aim is to gather writers together for a short writing session. Each week a different topic or theme will be given to the group and then those present will freewrite for 15 – 20 minutes. After this time each individual will be asked to read his or her work out. Please note that there will be no feedback on work created during these sessions. The aim of the group is to allow those present to hear other writers voices on a common topic in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The Irish Writers Centre website also lists Dublin-based and national writers groups, including the New Writers Forum which meets at the centre every second Wednesday at 7pm.

I'm going along to my first Scribbers Corner next week, and I've emailed the New Writers Forum to find out if they have any spaces available for a newbie like me - hopefully they do.


Alix said...

Good for you, hope it helps you and goes well.
I have to say scribblers corner sounds terrifying to me - speaking aloud and speaking aloud your own words! Your very brave :)

HelenMH said...

That all sounds fab!Good luck and tell us all about it!

Anonymous said...

We all need 'some' help
from others.

Terry Finley

David said...

Best of luck in the workshop Yvonne - let us know your impressions once you've settled in!

Debs said...

Good luck at Scribblers Corner. What a great idea.

beth said...

Have fun! I can't make it on Saturday but I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Yvonne said...

Alix, I think the lack of feedback is attracting me - I'm not ready for feedback on 20 minutes work yet!

Helen, thanks!

Terry, welcome.

David, I definitely will, thanks.

Debs, cheers!

Beth, shame you can't make it!

jen said...

All very exciting :-) Let us know how it goes. I'm guessing it would be simultaneously terrifying and exciting to share something so personal - it would terrify me anyway! Good luck and let us know how it goes :-)

Yvonne said...

Jen, on the day I'll be petrified on the day for sure, but the thought of starting on my first story is scaring me more at the moment!

JJ said...

I'm sure I commented here before... going barmy? Me?

Anyway, *coughs* this sounds great - I look forward to hearing of your experience with them.

Yvonne said...

JJ, it's the curse of the missing comments, happens to me all the time! Damn you Blogger! Will definitely write about the group meetings when the time comes.