Friday, May 16, 2008


I've rounded off the week with 920 words. I was so easily distracted today - it took me ages to get started and even the slightest noise broke my flow. But I was determined to get something on paper.

The Ours sent me this link:

Players of The Sims 2 will soon be able to add Ikea furniture to their virtual homes as part of a marketing deal between the Swedish company and Electronic Arts, the computer game's producer.

Will the Sims have to put together the furniture too? I can see the confusion, frustration and tears as they row with their partners and threaten to torch the instructions. (Or maybe it's just me?)

The Ours also sent me this:

Police in Leeds are hoping to prevent an outbreak of internet-enabled mayhem after thousands were invited to a public pillow fight through Facebook.

Have a happy Friday everyone.


Anonymous said...

No it's not just you, Ikea furniture and instructions suck! I've been ready to kill over them.

Dying to see if the pillow fight happens, although remembering Friday nights in Leeds it might get ugly!

Well done on the 920, have a great weekend.

Interview is next Thursday so I have time to brush up. Thanks for the positive thoughts!

HelenMH said...

Love the idea of a public pillow fight! Do keep us informed!