Monday, May 12, 2008


I managed to rewrite 1800 words today AND clean the apartment. It's amazing how last week's crisis of confidence has pushed me to get more done. I'm taking Wednesday off for The Ours' birthday so I'm determined to get ahead before that.

If I get the same amount written tomorrow I'll be well on my way to finishing this story by the end of the week. I won't be sad to leave this one behind - it's been painful work to say the least, but I have a handle on it now.

My weekend was a lot of fun; we got into our costumes on Saturday for Blondie's fancy dress party and spent Sunday watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon. I had avoided it until now as I'm sick of sitcoms, but I'd heard so many good things about it that I had to have a look. Several hours later I was hooked. Its great writing and cast elevate it to a standard that most sitcoms would kill for.

Coupled with a delicious Mexican meal cooked by The Ours (seared tuna steak with sweetcorn fritters and avocado salsa) and I was in heaven.

Scribbler's Corner was cancelled today so I haven't left the house yet - must head off now though to do some food shopping!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're on a role, well done!

I haven't seen How I meet your Mother but as I have just discovered Arrested Development I had better not start anything new!

Mexican is so good, sounds yummy!

jen said...

Sounds like things are going well :-)

Love Mexican food - sweetcorn fritters, yum! Could do with some right now...

Lane said...

Glad the writing's going so well.

I haven't seen that sitcom but I certainly understand getting hooked. Not long ago, some channel was showing back to back Everybody Hates Chris (or is it Everybody Loves Chris, I can't remember) and I was totally engrossed:-)

The food sounds divine!

Yvonne said...

M&T, thanks! I've heard brilliant things about Arrested Development, will have to watch that next.

Jen, we're having them again tonight, can't wait!

Lane, will have to watch more tonight so I can get it out of my system.

Angie said...

Am green with jealousy at your productivity (and your personal chef)! Really though, I'm glad to hear the writing is going so well. ;)

A friend recently insisted we watch How I Met Your Mother, but I have yet to figure out when it's on...I do love sitcoms though.

Calistro said...

The boyf keeps telling me how good How I Met Your Mother is but I haven't got round to watching it yet. Apparently it's written by the writers of Friends so it MUST be good!

Glad to hear the writing is going well again :o)

Yvonne said...

Angie, my personal chef is the best!!! (I do most of the cleaning though, it's worth it)

Calistro, it reminds me of Friends a lot, really worth a look.