Sunday, May 18, 2008


Happy birthday Theodore Black! He is currently working on 51 poems based on different international poetic forms - no mean feat - and you can have a look at them here.

We're off to a BBQ today so I've decided to make a batch of fairy cakes (known as cupcakes in the States). The last time I made them I thought McGyver was the best thing since sliced bread, so please wish me luck.

Am all hopes that I'll finish my third story tomorrow...

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the BBQ, I hope the cupcakes come out okay.

Have a fun Sunday!

Debs said...

I love making cupcakes though don't think to do them that often.

Hope you had a lovely time at the bbq.

HelenMH said...

I've been baking all afternoon as well, for a picnic tomorrow. Chocolate cake and blueberry muffins. Now I'm feeling quite smug!

Yvonne said...

M&T they came out alright. Icing was a bit weird though.

Debs, it was great!

Helen, your spread sounds gorgous. Could do with some chocolate cake right now!

KAREN said...

Our Sunday was spent doing MORE DIY. Actually Lovely Husband got busy with the fireplace while Teen Daugher and I went to see What Happens in Vegas (after I'd baked a cake to show willing.) It was so much better than I was expecting, and I now have a big lady crush on Ashton Kutcher!!