Thursday, July 03, 2008


After a rocky start to the week I knuckled down, as The Ours was taking Friday off and I wanted to get the fifth story finished this week.

Yesterday I managed 1700 words, which I was very happy with. Later in the day I realised that this story was stretching a little longer than the others, which threw me a little off schedule.

But I had my heart set on wrapping story five today so I wrote 2500 words in a finger cramping frenzy of typing. Even better, I passed the half-way mark on my rewrite today too, bringing me up to 52% complete.

Even a weekend of sanding, painting and atrocious weather couldn't dampen my mood!


Lane said...

Good grief - that's amazing! Well done you! I think that deserves a large Kitkat and a glass of something chilled (if you're over your hangover!).

Well done missus!
(love the title of your wip btw:-)

Debs said...

What a productive day you've had. I wish I could say the same, I've barely done my 100 words.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I am so pleased for you. It must be fantatsic to have tipped over the half way point - downhill from here on :)

KatW said...

Go girl!! It's great when you have a good day. And, hell, you've had a fabulous day!

I'm off to hang my head in shame for being seriously unmotivated.

Kat :-)

Yvonne said...

Lane, thank you! How did you know my love of kitkats? Could do with a large glass of vino too, but I'm having some tomorrow (my diet means I have to ration it - boo!)

Debs, it's been great, this story has been a dream to write. Good luck with your editing.

M&T, thank you! It does feel great, I'm so chuffed to be finally going downhill! ;)

KatW, it really is great feeling, especially as I've been so unmotivated in the past. Hopefully the next story will go as well.

Angie said...

Woo hoo!
Enjoy the long weekend and enjoy some well-deserved rest (in between painting?).

HelenMH said...

Well done you. Very impressed

Yvonne said...

Angie, I'm doing plenty of relaxing right now, it's wonderful!

Helen, thank you.

Calistro said...

Wow that's brilliant. Well done!

Yvonne said...

Calistro, thanks!