Friday, July 25, 2008


So far this week I've only managed 2500 words. Not what I was hoping for, but staring at the monitor for too long brings on the spins. I think I have a virus of some kind; I still feel achy, tired and feverish.

On the plus side the fever seems to inspire my writing - I think the quality has gone up a notch, but I may be delirious - and the television screen doesn't cause vertigo, which is something to be very thankful for!

I'm hoping to get more writing done over the weekend to catch up. May you all have a great one and take good care of yourselves.


Anonymous said...

oh dear hope you are feeling better soon! Although your comment that the fever is inspiring your writing reminded me of that episode of Friends where Phoebe's cold makes her sing better. Hope when you're well you don't go round trying to get infected again!
Have an excellent weekend.

Maz said...

Have a great weekend, you'll catch up on the work once you're feeling better! Relax and enjoy the weekend!

Tam said...

Get well soon x x x

Yvonne said...

M&T, I remember that episode, it's a great one!

Maz, cheers, taking it easy is my speciality!

Tam, thank you.

Debs said...

Hope you feel much better soon. R has some sort of virus too but being a man is more unwell than most other people!

HelenMH said...

Have a good writing weekend x

KatW said...

Hope you feel much better soon.

Just a question about the fever inspiring your writing - you haven't been mixing whisky tods and flu tablets have you?? It's just that my painkillers and a glass of red can have a similar effect on me! LOL (just kidding)

Sending you get well wishes.
Kat :-)

jen said...

Hope the fever breaks over the weekend. Have a good one.

Yvonne said...

Debs, man flu is the worst of all!

Helen, thanks.

KatW, maybe that was it...must remember that for next time!

Jen, cheers.

KAREN said...

Hope you're feeling better - there seems to be a lot of it around at the moment :o)