Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Not the best writing day I've had recently - have written about 100 words and then deleted them. I just can't get my head around the story today and my vocabulary has shrunk, unfortunately thesauruses only work if you have a word in mind already...damnit!

On a happier note, my new iPod arrived yesterday. I bought a Nano this time because replacing the classic ones every time I dropped/lost them was getting very expensive. (For some reason I can do a variety of yoga poses and stand on a surf-board without falling over, but cannot own a hand-held gadget without introducing it to concrete several times a day.) It arrived in the morning but I was able to ignore its potent siren call until I'd finished my 1000 words...if only I could conjure up that motivation again today.

Going to see No Man's Land by Harold Pinter at the Gate Theatre on Friday night. It's starring David Walliams (Little Britain) and Michael Gambon (too many plays to mention and Top Gear), and should be a great evening.


Debs said...

My word count yesterday and today so far = a big fat zero.

Hope you enjoy the play, sounds like it should be excellent.

Annie Bright said...

Isn't it odd how some days you can write loads and others none whatsoever?

Enjoy your new iPod - very nice. And I'm so impressed you can stand on a surf board without falling off!

Anonymous said...

I could not now survive without my iphone! What colour nano did you get?

Sounds like Friday should be fun.

Hope the words flow better tomorrow.

Yvonne said...

Debs, may our mutual muses visit us tomorrow!

Annie, the only reason I can balance on a surf board is because I'm really short - low centre of gravity.

M&T, it was horrible living without it! I got the green one, might get some skins for it too.

HelenMH said...

Oh God, I don't even know what a Nano is! I'm such a techno-idiot

Pat Posner said...

I beat you, Yvonne - I deleted 273 words (sigh).
Hope you get motivated tomorrow. (You, too, Debs.)

Yvonne said...

Helen, it's only the cutiest music player out there!

Pat, let's hope we're all happy with our progress tomorrow.

Calistro said...

If your Nano ever fails you get a Creative Zen and buy a leather jacket for it on ebay. I've lost count of the number of times I've dropped it and it still works! *touch wood*

Enjoy the play. I've got a bit of a soft spot for Mr Walliams and am curious what he's like as a serious actor.

Angie said...

Those days are a bummer. Hope the Nano pumps you up for tomorrow's writing session and you enjoy the play. It sounds great.

Yvonne said...

Calistro, I will definitely consider getting a Zen if this one packs up! Am also very curious about David Walliams in this role, don't want to read the reviews of the run in London due to spoilers.

Angie, here's hoping!

Jan said...

I'd been showing off secretly to myself coz I'd hit ( at last!) a Good Writing Patch
but today the patch can't even begin to be "dug! So Ugh! "
Wow! That's a poem!

JJ said...

I share your pain with the words. I've got to do the kind of writing where I lose more words that I create.

Hope the theatre is fun tonight.

Yvonne said...

Jan, you're a poet and you don't know it! Hope the writing is going better today.

JJ, thanks I'm really looking forward to it.