Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally Finishing and Editorial Consultancies

A lot has happened since my last blog post, all those weeks ago.

First, I got engaged. Yes, The Ours and I have decided to do the grown-up thing and get married. Gulp. Does that mean I have to start listening to classical music and take up golf? But like true kidults we're thinking of getting a lego bride and groom for our cake topper. We're getting married in February on our ten year anniversary, just a small ceremony in a registry office, followed by a slap-up meal in our favourite restaurant and a party in a pub after.

I took advantage of my unexpected euphoria about the whole thing and shelved the novel for three weeks to concentrate on wedding planning. In that time we booked all the venues, asked the bridesmaid and best man, decided on the invites and got the save the date cards printed...and I loved every minute of it. I never imagined I'd be such a willing bride. Let's hope I don't cross the line into Bridezilla-hood.

Second, I started on my editing again. Being a technical edit there was very little creativity involved, just cold-hearted cuts and teacher-like red pen wielding. I'm not ashamed to say that between this painful process, working full-time and wedding/honeymoon planning, I became a little worn out. My social life suffered and people began mistaking me for a zombie.

So amongst other things I decided to stop blogging. For me blogging is a community thing. I feel guilty reading other people's blog posts without commenting, or when other bloggers take the time to visit my blog and I don't return the favour. I need to give it my full attention, maybe just for fifteen minutes a day...but I couldn't spare fifteen minutes. I was desperate to finish this edit, format the entire novel, and start on my second book. I felt it had dragged on too long.

There were several stories that needed more work than anticipated (aren't there always) so it took longer than I hoped. But I hit a lucky streak at the end and finished at 11 o'clock last at night. It felt brilliant to finally get it done. I'm going to take a short break and then start work on my second.

Until then, I'm looking for an editorial consultancy and I was hoping that you could help me. I really want to use someone who comes recommended, as it's a good chunk of money to hand over at one time. Any ideas?

P.S. It's great to be back. I missed you.


Lane Mathias said...

Nice to see you back!

Congratulations on your engagement and finishing your book!

I haven't used a Consultancy yet so I'd be interested to hear which one you go for.

Congratulations again - on all fronts:-)

Angie said...

You've been a busy girl! Congratulations on the engagement and finishing the book. What a year!

I'll be interested to hear who you choose as well, since I haven't used one either.

Good to see you back here. :)

Amanda said...

Great to see you back :-)

Lots of congrats on your engagement and your book! :-))

Tamsyn Murray said...

Welcome back, Ms Busy Bee. Well done on all you've achieved :-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Hello there.

Congratulations on your engagement, editing, and everything else, you've certainly been busy.

I've used Hilary Johnson's Consultancy Service a few years ago and it was very good. Marina Oliver has one too and both have a lot of experience.

Alix said...

Congratulations on the engagement and on finishing the book!

The wedding planning sounds like lots of fun :)

Nice to have you back!

Macoosh said...


Nice to see you back. you've been missed.

Good stuff all around for you! how exciting!

Pat Posner said...

Welcome back, Yvonne!
Congrats again on your engagement and more congrats on the editing.


HelenMWalters said...

Well done you - exciting times!

Jenny Beattie said...

Oooh you have been missed. So lovely you're back...

Goodness you've been really busy but well done on that too.

I'm mentoring with The Literary Consultancy who have an excellent reputation for their editorial reports.

Karen said...

Congratumalations on all fronts, you have been a busy bee!! You don't have to take up golf, but you will need fluffy towels with matching his n' hers logos :o)

I would recommend the above mentioned as well as

Good luck!

Yvonne said...

Thanks a million for your comments, they've made me feel really good! I've missed blogging so much.

Thanks to everyone who has recommended an editorial consultancy too, I really appreciate it.

laurie said...


the plans for your wedding sound sensible and fun.

Anonymous said...


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James said...

Congrats on your engagement...:) and finishing your buk..