Monday, March 19, 2007

Daily word count

Last week I started thinking that perhaps I was getting a bit lackadaisical about my daily word count. 1500 words did seem like a lot, and more importantly random people I spoke to would look suitably impressed and say “oooh”, but was I kidding myself? So I spent some time looking up other writers on the Internet. And soon realised that 1500 words was alright but that a lot of people were managing 2000 or more. Worse still, some who held down full time jobs were banging out 1500 a day, obviously making me feel a bit lazy and spoiled. Which I am but I don’t like it rubbed in my face, which brings us to the real reason why writers share their word count. It's to make other writers feel inadequate.

So my challenge of the week is to write 2000 words every day. Starting tomorrow of course because the Ours has the day off so I have to spend time with him, I have to clean the house, it’s a Monday, it’s a full moon, so stop judging me who do you think you are etc.