Thursday, May 17, 2007

28 Weeks Later

The builders have admitted liability for our electricity arrears, so the seemingly endless letter writing and meetings has stopped for the time being. So the Ours and I escaped to the cinema to watch 28 Weeks Later.

We went to the UGC (I know, it's Cineworld now, but I'm old school) which used to be an IMAX cinema, so you can imagine the size of the biggest screen there. The scenes of an empty London were even more impressive on the big screen; we'd watched the original film on tv.

I really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of those survivalist end-of-the-world stories, since I was thirteen and I got my hands on some fantastic teenage novels that dealt with the subject. So I'm biased.

But I think that even from an objective point of view, the film delivered what it promised; lots of frights and a good helping of (mainly non-gratuitous) gore. The first few minutes of the film were terrifying, very cleverly shot. I spent most of the film with my mouth gaping open in fear, awe and sometimes disgust. I have a high tolerance for gore though. I can watch ER without batting an eyelid, but as soon as the cereal ad with the girl chewing loudly and making orgasm noises comes on, I have my head buried in a pillow.

Probably because of my high tolerance I usually snigger at most horror films and avoid them, but 28 Weeks Later works because it has a great script that keeps you guessing, some very believable actors and deals with issues such as the morality of war and blindly following orders. The visuals really impressed me, and I'm pretty special-effects jaded at this stage.

And what impressed me the most was that in two hours, I wasn't bored once. That's from someone with the attention span of a gnat.

*Wrote 2300 words today. Roll on tomorrow - I should have the story finished by then, fingers crossed.


Holler said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the film! I won't be going to see it anytime soon. i am a complete wuss, no er for me!

hellojed said...

holler, as a vegetarian you definitely wouldn't like it. ;) It's not for everyone I give you that!

Macoosh said...

i can't wait to see it. love those kinds of movies. might go see it tomorrow night; we'll see.

glad you're writing is still chug chug chugging along!

Anonymous said...

it will always be UGC - i personally am old skool to the max.

You could almost say, vintage.

Angie said...

2300 words! Congrats, it sounds like you are really doing well. I'm sure you'll enjoy your much deserved break after all the writing you've been up to.
On the shopping thing - retail can be so tiring, so it's very good to get those recs ahead of time. I completely understand.

hellojed said...

Macoosh, let me know what you think of it. I know you're a southsider, but if you can get to see it on screen 17 in the UGC it'll be well worth it.

Vintage, I like it. That's me all right.

Angie, so sweet of you, thank you. I find clothes shopping knackering too, I don't really like just walking around discovering places - I prefer knowing where I'm going and getting on with it!