Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday links

I did it - I just finished the sixth story (2010 words today) and the novel is now 59.9% complete. I could have written more to push it to 60%, but so far it's the story that I'm the least happy with and will need the most rewriting. I started it with a vague idea but I couldn't decide on a definite path, but I decided to plough on with it anyway and tinker with it later. I figured that some ideas are just going to be like that, vague and unformed, while others come to you so clearly that the story is whole in your mind from beginning to end. It's fine though, and the ending didn't need any more work for this draft.

But now I'm ready to begin my holiday. As I was pretty busy this week I couldn't do my usual mindless trawling of the Internet for random stuff, so the links are pretty sparse today. Forgive me.

Attack turtle

"The Landlord" outtakes
Van vandalism sinks wedding plans

Am going out tonight with Daisy, 'doing' lunch tomorrow with a neighbour and going to Croke Park to watch the Meath vs Kildare Gaelic Football match on Sunday. Have a great weekend.


Beccy said...

Well done, you can relax now, enjoy the weekend and your holiday.