Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jelly shoes are back

I'm too cheap to spend 12 Euro on an express airport roundtrip, so I took the bog standard bus with the rest of the Joe Schmoes. It was a lot cheaper but went all the way around the houses, so I bought a magazine to pass the time.

I used to be addicted to those large glossy magazines but I broke the habit when they became really expensive and I copped that they are mostly ads. Until today I hadn't read one in about six months.

So I was pleasantly surprised to discover a one-page feature on jelly shoes! Apparently they are back in fashion this season. I remember joking about jelly shoes with a friend a few months ago, predicting a huge comeback for the plastic sandals that I wore to the beach as a kid. They did a fantastic job of protecting my feet from the rocks, but they also made them a little sweaty and slimy.

And now adults can enjoy these practical and attractive shoes in 2007. Who cares about sweaty slimy feet when you're fashionable?


Ariel said...

Eeek! They hurt like hell and make feel stink. Some fashion!

Angie said...

Marc Jacobs Jellys, huh? Bet he's laughing to himself as women pay loads for shoes that you could buy at the drugstore as a child.

Beccy said...

I was never allowed a pair first time around and would pass on them now. I did buy Mollie a €3 pair in Dunnes for her birthday in Clara Laragh.

Macoosh said...

eeeeeew i HATED jelly shoes. I won't be so passionate about it this time..I'll be nice...but I won't be sportin them myself!

hellojed said...

ariel, I'd forgotten how much those things tortured my feet. The plastic always had ragged edges that cut. Ouch.

angie, Marc Jacobs is laughing all the way to the bank.

beccy, they are pretty necessary on Irish rocky beaches!

macoosh, I certainly won't be sporting them either. I reckon people who do meet the criteria of 'fashion victim'!

Anna said...

Here in the "us of a" we are all about CROCS - plastic shoes created in Colorado that have now taken over the country in loud neon colors - have they invaded your world yet?

Personally, my feet are CROC free - but my son adores his!

Conortje said...

They have clog versions over here in Holland - very very strange.

hellojed said...

anna, they have arrived in Europe - in fact, a hospital in Sweden has banned workers from wearing Crocs slippers because they build up static electricity, interfering with medical equipment!

conortje, as I'm not a fan of clogs either I can only say urrgghh.

Angie said...

The crocs are horrible! I just don't get it, they look exactly like the shoes my mom has always worn to work in her garden, albeit she bought them at a garden store for a few dollars and not the joke prices crocs are going for now.