Friday, June 15, 2007


2111 words so far today. That's as much as I'll probably manage, even though I'd prefer to keep writing; it's raining outside, the weak light picks out the browns and greys and dulls the rest. Or it's my low mood that is muddying the colours. Today's effort was not good enough, the words kept coming but they were awkward and unpolished, the story going around and around in useless circles.

My story feels like a bud in the ground that's straining to break through the soil. It knows where it has to go but it can't get there; something is blocking its way, and I can't figure out how to overcome it. Yesterday the direction of the story made sense to me, but today I feel like I've removed its heart and left an ugly tangle of clumsy flashbacks and forced conversations.

No use feeling sorry for myself, because it's my own fault...I've been imposing the ending I wanted on the main character, but it just isn't a fit. I saw him at first as a weak and introverted anti-hero, but his sensitivity and depth of thought have taken me by surprise and I'm now cheering him on from the sidelines.

While I was writing the above I suddenly realised what the problem was. I had a point I wanted to make with this story, and I'll still be able to make it. But another character will take the hit, not him.

Thanks for listening, it helps.


Betty the Sheep said...

Sounds like it's going to be a good story! Hope you get the story sorted out the way you want it.

hellojed said...

Cheers Betty, I'm blocking it out until after the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ooh sounds interesting! I'm with you about the rain - everything is so ugly right now.

Macoosh said...

i hope we eager readers get to read it after hearing all the interesting things you're going through as you write!

hellojed said...

beth, I got so used to the lovely weather, it made everything look brighter - and lifted everyone's spirits. Let's hope it's a tiny blip!

Macoosh I was actually thinking of putting the manuscript on the internet somewhere. Then people who were interested could read it and maybe review it. That would be a great help!