Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Creating a monster

Regarding Blair's message to the media - it's been obvious for a while now that Blair hates speaking to journalists, from one-to-one interviews to press conferences. 'Subtle' hints include eye rolls, theatrical sighs and grimaces that follow any comment daring to question the legitimacy, veracity or accuracy of his latest policy/soundbite/grimmick.

His behaviour strikes me as unnecessarily arrogant; he is a public servant after all, brought to office by the people to serve the people. They have a right to know all the facts, and the self-righteous hostility aimed at journalists who dare query his decisions adds weight to the opinion that Blair thinks he is unaccountable for his actions, that he is above blame or reproach.

His latest speech does go towards illuminating his side of the story. But by relying on spin so early in his career and encouraging media attention, Blair spoke to the country directly through TV and newspapers with seemingly little or no filter. (Hey guys, I'm your friendly prime minister. No representatives, no smoke screens. Just you and me - having a chat.) So now when he underlines his responses to questions with heavy sarcasm, it feels like he's insulting the public directly. Who already harbour an intense dislike and distrust for the man. I guess the spin doctors didn't see that one coming.


laurie said...

whatever you think of the media, society without a free press would be much, much worse than society with pesky newspapers.

sure, i'm biased. but a free and open press keeps democracy honest.

hellojed said...

I agree wholeheartedly Laurie. The fact that he hates the media so much makes me think he has something to hide...

laurie said...

well, politicians almost always do.

and they don't like being held accountable for their actions. very inconvenient.