Monday, June 11, 2007

Jay Black vs Aaron Sorkin

Having recently (blush) discovered TV Squad, I'm enjoying their well-written, funny and fearlessly candid reviews of my favourite tv programmes. Now that NBC have brought back the remaining six episodes of Studio 60 before cancelling the show (NOOO!!) I've been eagerly watching each one, then enjoying Jay Black's satirical commentary on said episode. Here's an excerpt from his latest review:

In the spirit of tonight's episode, I'd like to start my review with some dramatic irony. The following dialog took place between me and Aaron Sorkin in March of 2006:

Aaron Sorkin: You know, I think that the brilliance of this show is going to be that I'll open it with the promise that it'll be about the creation of a network TV show, but by the 19th episode it'll be almost completely about the war. And also, religion!

Me: Aaron, I smell a hit. That's exactly what America wants.

Aaron Sorkin: You know what else I think? Paris Hilton will never go to jail, and Pluto will remain a planet forever. Now sit down. My good friends Michael Richards and Don Imus are coming over to discuss race relations.

Me: Good choices, AS! Those guys are as racially sensitive as anyone!

Aaaaaaaaand scene. Now, on with the review...
As much as I love the show, I have to agree with each of Jay's cruelly accurate observations...the reviews are full of spoilers so I wouldn't recommend reading them before you've watched an episode, but they are well worth a gander afterwards.


Betty the Sheep said...

So they have definitely axed 'Studio 60'? - NBC are idiots!

hellojed said...

I know! It's a great show if they'd just give it a chance...grrrr.

Angie said...

I have a feeling they're also axing it because it competes with 30 Rock, another new show about a behind the scenes SNL-type show. It's got quite a few people from SNL (including the lead, Tina Fey).

hellojed said...

I saw ads on Irish TV for 30 Rock, and it looks good - I really like Tina Fey. Anyway I watch too much tv already!

hellojed said...

And another thing - I think the writer and creator really overeggs his points on religion and was interesting at first, but now it feels a little strained. It's a show about the making of a show, not The West Wing II! (But I still love it despite its faults)