Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Becoming unstuck

I have a confession to make. Over the past two weeks I've become more and more disillusioned with my writing, which chipped away at my motivation. I just wasn't writing well enough, my last story was a mess, I was running out of ideas - it was just too hard.

Then last night, after I gave myself a good talking to, I realised that wallowing in self-doubt and self-pity is the reason I have writer's block. To get writing again, I had to stop complaining, toughen up and keep going. A few setbacks were not going to stop me from finishing this novel.

The FEAR can be useful - a small amount can be motivating. But if I don't keep an eye on it, it can stop my momentum dead. The whispers began - I'm not good, strong and talented enough, this novel is completely beyond me - and mushroomed until I couldn't imagine anyone would ever want to read the crap that I'm putting down, and how would they be able to keep their disappointment and distaste from showing on their faces when they read my work? It's enough to stop anyone right in their tracks, and that's what happened to me.

So last night I thought - sod it. My writing could actually be decent, but it's easier to listen to the negative instincts than the positive ones. And if it is true that my writing is dodgy or my stories are awful, this is a first draft after all. The main thing that encourages good writing is writing every day. This is the only fact amongst all my speculation and conjecture, so I had better get on with it.


Betty the Sheep said...

Best of luck with the rest of the novel. Don't let the writer's block get you down!

Beccy said...

It sounds like the good talking you gave yourself has resulted in a more positive frame of mind.

Good luck with the rest of the story. I think that to write a novel is a great achievement and something to be very proud of.

Flirty Something said...

You are talented not stop dossing and start typing.

hellojed said...

Thanks y'all, I hate doing research and planning but I knuckled down today and got it done - so tomorrow it's all systems go!

Angie said...

I'm fighting The Fear too, which is why I keep endlessly editing the parts I've already written in order to convince myself that I CAN make them better. I think The Fear is the primary reason for writer's block, and it is quite a force to reckon with! It sounds like you're doing a good job of it. Keep on keepin' on! :)