Sunday, June 10, 2007

Post of the Week

I'm so hungover that I didn't get up until two o'clock and am now watching a Come Dine with Me marathon. Not sure which activity zaps the most brain cells. (For all its obvious faults, I'm enjoying the snarky voiceover a little too much.)

Oh no! But I'm a guest judge on Post of the Week! Fear not - I'm so anal that I read all this week's shortlisted posts and already passed judgment on them yesterday. I just can't leave homework until the last minute. It is a Bad Thing.

Post of the Week is a blogging institution in my humble opinion; the judging encouraged me read other bloggers' posts more carefully than usual, and it regularly highlights examples of inspired, original and just stonking good quality posts that might normally be missed. After all, there are a lot of blogs out there and just not enough time to read them.

What's your favourite post from the shortlist? Let me know!


Holler said...

I love dine with me, especially the celebrity one! I have been, sadly, watching a block of them on replay! Haven't seen this week's yet!
And shame on you for the hangover!
My dad regularly checks in on me to make sure I am not comsuming more units than are good for me as a women! Great coming from a guy who got so drunk one night that he nearly peed in the wardrobe!

Flirty Something said...

Big fan of POW, some amazingly talented bloggers out there. Although I do feel very inadequate after I read them.

hellojed said...

Holler, the voiceover is very funny, I was watching the Essex version and they were all nutcases. Your dad sounds a bit like my dad...

Flirty, I wholeheartedly agree - I was feeling pretty inadequate on Saturday!