Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rusty writing and parent authors

Was tough to get writing again after such a long break. I realised again today how important it is for me to write everyday, to keep up the momentum. My writing was very rusty. I also struggled with my confidence, worrying over the story, my choice of words and the structure more than usual. Only managed 1350 words but not a bad start I suppose, I'm hoping that I've broken the first-day-back block and tomorrow I'll fly through 2000 words.

Still arguing with the builders over the snags to the common areas - I have two meetings with them tomorrow, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It sounds like an excuse even to my ears, but I do struggle to write if I don't have a clear few hours run at it; it's easier to start writing after breakfast or after lunch, blissfully unaware of any interruptions ahead. I have the utmost respect for authors who have kids, and who can only snatch time to write during naps and babysitting visits. I don't know how you do it!


seanachie said...

Ah yes, kids. Reminds me of Kenneth Tynan's lofty quote (rehearsed, no doubt, many times in West End pubs for all to hear): 'The pram in the hall is the enemy of all art'.

Cheerful stuff, but at least Ken was sporting enough to sire three children. :)

hellojed said...

Excellent quote, never heard it before.

Anna said...

I sympathize with the rustiness. I'm struggling with it now - trying to finish a book that has been put aside for other things too many times. I'm impressed, though, by your version of "rusty" productivity. You did how many words?! You are now my inspiration to put my book to rest. Can you handle the pressure?!

hellojed said...

Anna, that's great, and I need some pressure at the moment. Other things seem to be creeping in - I'm hoping that I can get a lot of them out of the way today!