Friday, July 13, 2007

Prep 'n' links

Preparations for the penultimate story are going very well, I seem to be on a roll this week. Hopefully this will continue as I’d like to finish the story by next weekend; I’m not sure if that will be possible but I want to keep ahead of the deadline that has started to prey on my mind. It’s keeping me well motivated, no doubt about that.

I also realised that by the time I start editing I’ll only have four months until the end of the year, so I probably won’t have the second draft finished until the end of January. Then I’ll send it to people for review – and incorporate their comments into another draft. I don’t want this to drag on though. Perhaps my deadlines are too generous?

Anyway in the spirit of Friday I thought I’d post some links today. Some writing ones first:

Novel Racers are a group of blogging writers who post their writing progress, experiences, wobbles and advice to motivate each other and anyone who is just happy to lurk (like me!)

Bookarazzi is a new website set up by a large group of published writers who also have blogs. It contains lots of resources and advice for writers, both with or without book deals.

Now here are some amusing ones:

These things cost a lot you know
Man-eating badgers
Police puppy cam
Michael Moore vs CNN


Angie said...

Hope the preparations go well!
I'm also a novel race lurker ;)
I can't believe he blended an iPhone, man that's a lot of money wasted!
Oh Michael Moore how I love thee. And yet you scare me so much! He's got so many good points, he just makes himself look crazy trying to get them across.