Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spam lord

I wrote 2400 words yesterday to make up for lost time, but when I tried to post I received an error message. Apparently a little Blogger bot tagged my blog as spam and blocked me from posting.

Well of course I was offended! My writing being targeted as spam? Do these bots know something I don't?

To cut a long story short I was directed to fill out a word verification field to prove that I wasn't a computer. But just in case I was a nasty human spam lord, I had to wait until a Blogger human reviewed my blog as kosher.

Luckily I was found not guilty and my blog was unlocked today. Oh happy days! What cruel critics those bots are. Almost enough to pack up and head over to Wordpress. But in the end I'm too lazy and I do like Blogger overall for now. I did write a sniffy email of my woe and asked how I could prevent a dressing down next time, but I'm not holding my breath.


danny_bra said...

When I think of spam bots I think of the
SMASH robots

Betty the Sheep said...

Glad they let you back into the blogger fold, you'd think that they would spend more of their trying to get rid of actual spam. :-)

Tim said...

Wordpress rules! Keep up the good work. Tim here of int infamy by the way. Rock.

laurie said...

yowser. i didn't know that could happen. glad you got it sorted out. now i'm going to fret it's going to happen to my own fabulous spam-free blog.

Macoosh said...

ew that's gross. glad you're free again tho. hope that doesn't ever happen to me!!!

don't go to wordpress though, we like you here. :)

hellojed said...

Danny - I love those SMASH robots. They are cute.

Betty, it's a weird one alright.

Tim, good to hear from you! Hope you int-ers are keepin it real.

Laurie, I'm having a fret myself. It proved to me how addicted I am to my own blog!

Macoosh, cheers!

Beccy said...

I didn't know that could happen, I'd be devestated if I couldn't get into my blog.

Anna said...

Blocked by your own blog?! It had better not happen to me . . .