Sunday, September 16, 2007


Thank you for your get well messages and anti-itching tips - yes, at some very itchy moments yesterday I did have to sit on my hands!

The medicine I was prescribed seems to be working. Around four o'clock yesterday the swelling went down considerably and I'm a lot easier on the eye! Itchiness is still there but I had a good night's sleep and I've resisted the urge to far.

As I must leave you to smother myself in Aloe Vera, here are some links for your perusal:

Hedgehog survives washing machine ordeal

McDonald's fined for bolt in meal
This must have taken him AGES
Silly signs's an old one but I wasn't blogging when I first watched it. Like many talk show hosts, Craig Ferguson performs a topical comedy monologue at the beginning of his show. But when Britney Spears shaved her head earlier in the year Ferguson refused to ridicule her. Instead, he took the opportunity to speak, very movingly and often humorously, about his own experiences with alcoholism and made some insights into addiction that I'd never thought of before. Watch the short clip here.


Beccy said...

Glad the medication is working.

Anonymous said...

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