Saturday, September 15, 2007


About four hours ago my hives started blistering and multiplying like there was no tomorrow. Worried, I called the 24 nurse line provided by our medical insurance company who advised me to go to A&E as it could be a severe allergic reaction. A&E on a Saturday night in Dublin is filled to the brim with abusive drunks, so I persuaded her that I'd go to the doctor first thing in the morning.

But I'm too much of a worrier to ignore instructions for long, so I called the Ours, who was out with work. He was in a packed Karaoke booth and was just about to sing California by Dr Dre when he had to drop everything and take me to the local hospital (there was no way I was going there by myself)

Luckily we only had to sit with the drunk and disorderlies for fifteen minutes until I was seen by a lovely nurse in triage - who took one look at my rash that now covered half of my face and diagnosed me with chickenpox. Chickenpox! Surely I had that as a child...but I couldn't remember. A doctor came in, confirmed his diagnosis, wrote me a prescription and gave me loads of advice in no time at all. They were both so incredibly friendly and sympathetic, I was really impressed.

So now I'm at home, too itchy to sleep, but glad that I don't have anything serious.


laurie said...

oh dear. i'm so sorry, but glad you went to the dr.

here's what will help with the itching: hot water. as hot as you can stand it. hot compresses against the skin will releive the itching.

i did this when 80 percent of my body was covered in poison ivy a few years ago, and it brought immense relief.

good luck to you! get well soon, hellojed!!!

Beccy said...

OMG what a lot happens overnight...poor you I've heard it can be very unpleasant as a adult. Try bathing in bread soda, it's meant to offer great relief.

Brennig said...

Luck and wishes, dude.

I had chicken pox as a child but it didn't stop the disease revisiting in a milder form a few years ago.

Jen said...

Ooh, you poor duck! Sending love and healing vibes... now stop that scratching!! X

jenny said...

Ooooh - get better soon. I had chicken pox when I was 12 years old, thanks to my little brother :-( Seem to remember being slathered in camomile lotion to help reduce the itching a bit. It's either that or sit on your hands!

Macoosh said...

dude, chicken pox???? man alive i didn't see that coming! haha. hope you're feeling better. take lots of oatmeal baths.

Beth said...

Ack! Hope you feel better soon!!

Angie said...

You poor thing! I too had chickenpox as a child, but it is supposed to be worse as an adult. Hang in there and don't scratch!
Sending hugs,
Ang x