Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random chicken poxy things

I take a pill every hour - antivirals, cortisone, painkillers. Very irritating but at least I only have to do it for a week. How do people with chronic conditions deal with this?

To prevent me from scratching in my sleep, I go to bed wearing socks on my hands.

I'm bored, man. Tres bored.

My doctor friend told me yesterday that most Irish people are inoculated against chicken pox, but that in many countries the disease is not endemic. Indian nurses and doctors who work in Ireland will be vaccinated but their partners can get it - often ending up in intensive care with nasty complications. So I no longer feel guilty for going to A&E and getting immediate treatment.

I wouldn't want to leave the house even if I could. People with skin diseases and acne have to put up with this all the time. I don't know how they do it.

My rash is clearing up nicely. I should be as right as rain by the weekend.


JJ said...

Hi Hellojed, Thanks for your visit to mine. Eeeuwgh, to having chicken pox, that's miserable, but I'm very glad to hear it's clearing up now.

Anonymous said...

Hope it all calms down very soon!!

Jen said...

Glad you're on the mend. Gloves on hands sounds très chic. Or très chic(ken). Oh dear.

hellojed said...

Hi JJ, it's definitely clearing up and the Ours has taken the day off to distract me!

Beth, thanks - I see a big difference.

Jen, groan! The socks are chic actually. ;)

Jenny said...

Well, I can report back from the outside world that the weather is rubbish anyway and you're not missing much. Of course, as soon as I type that, the sun comes out... Typical.

Good to hear you're on the mend.

Anna said...

Haven't visited you for awhile & now I find you sick & itchy. So sorry - on both counts! I hope you feel better.