Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hard-core sugar gluttony

No word yet on the three day week - apparently HR have been less than enthusiastic in the past about those kinds of arrangements. Here's hoping.

When I posted previously about having Halloween off, I realised from your comments that it's not a holiday in the UK or the States. "That's tough not having a break until Christmas" I thought.

And then I realised that you Americans have Thanksgiving, which frankly kicks Halloween's arse! Consider my sympathy sharply revoked. Not only do you get to gorge on masses of food with friends and family (a Christmas dry-run if you like) but it's also non-denominational so everyone gets to join in. Halloween is brilliant when you're a kid, but as a grumpy adult it's worn a little thin - the little feckers that started letting off bangers and fireworks two weeks ago are driving me bananas. There's only so many sweets you can eat too - I could eat tons of the stuff as a kid but I've developed an intolerance to hard-core sugar gluttony as a grown up. (Moan and sigh...can still handle the savoury blowouts though)

Anyway no plans for the weekend as yet apart from going to Daisy's house on Saturday night to watch Strictly Come Dancing with lashings of Bulmers. It's cheesy but you've gotta love it.


Alix said...

Not only do the Americans get Thanksgiving they get a day off for Veterans day (12/11) and they just had Columbus Day (1/10). Great for T who got all the UK bank holidays at the beginning of the year and is now getting all the US ones!
I'm with you on the savoury gluttony - I can eat so much chips and dip!
Hope you get your day off:)

Macoosh said...

oooh man i remember the premature bangs and whizzes from the neighborhood kids around this time last year. seems it went on forever!!!

we do get a good amount of holidays over here; you should make sure you visit an american friend for thanksgiving some's the best. holiday. ever.

Angie said...

Ah yes, but Thanksgiving is a required family holiday, so you have to save your vacation time for traveling home for Thanksgiving, followed too shortly by Christmas (if you live far, as I do). As for Veterans Day and Columbus Day, only gov't jobs and banks get all those holidays. Most companies opt not to give them, so don't be too jealous there, it just delays the mail another day for the rest of us. ;)
Thanksgiving pies mm mm!

hellojed said...

Alix, I could do with another holiday in November! Savoury gluttony is the best...

Macoosh, the whizz-bangs seem to never stop. I definitely want to visit the States for Thanksgiving someday.

hellojed said...

Angie, our comments crossed - that does bring the amount of autumn holidays into perspective, especially if you live far away from your family (which I also do) but Thanksgiving looks like so much fun and I love the way it is embraced by all faiths and nationalities. (Love the pies too - when I was in NY for business a few years ago a lovely client made me Pumpkin Pie - sooooo goood!)

Jen said...

The little charmers are letting off the fireworks around here too. Nearly jumped out of my skin yesterday when there was a loud bang in the garden next door - it was the middle of the afternoon, it's not like they could even see the result! Still, the little ones look really cute in their costumes come the big night, so I can't get too grouchy...

Anonymous said...

You coming out for a drink with me tonight or what? ;)


Beccy said...

There don't seem to be quite so many fireworks around here this year!

I miss bonfire night in the UK living here, hotdogs, burning the guy, toasted marshmallows and great firework displays!

laurie said...

i hasten to correct alix, lest you all decide you want to emigrate here, only to be crushed with disappointment:

we don't all get veterans day off, nor columbus day, either. to me those holidays mean one thing: we don't get any mail that day.

other than that, it's business as usual.

most people get thanksgiving, but i don't. (the newspaper comes out every day.) however, i do work a short shift that day (5 1/2 hours), get paid for 8, and get to take a different day off to compensate.

so that's not so bad.

Holler said...

The "Little feckers"! Tut, tut!
But I do know what you mean, a month of loud bangs, does wear thin! Luckily it hasn't started here yet, touch wood!
We Scots, have no holiday before Christmas! Bah Humbug!