Thursday, November 15, 2007


On the way home we stopped off at our local Korean restaurant for some good eats. I think it was to put off coming back to the apartment for a while longer. Big cardboard boxes, pieces of bed frame, tons of slats and packing material litters the ground in the living room.

Yes, we put together our new bed and bedside tables last night, and it wasn't as bad as I'd expected, mainly because Habitat aren't as fascist as Ikea about their packaging and space saving (for example the slats were already in place and most of the work had been done for us) and the result is gorgeous I must say. Only now do I realise how unfinished the room looked and felt until yesterday - I never really liked to spend time in there, and I think it was because it felt like a spare room rather than a cosy bedroom. But now it's perfect.


Alix said...

Sounds good, although it might make it harder to get up now!

laurie said...

excellent. how about a photo?

Beccy said...

A photo would be great.

I was in Habitat on Wednesday, loads of lovely stuff I could buy but all I managed was a spatula.